Google Play Store Alternatives You Should Try

Google Play Store is, no doubt, the one-stop shop to download the greatest and latest Android apps. But sometimes, Google Play store doesn’t respond well and cannot let you download apps you like. And there are different reasons to do that. The app may not be localized to the region, and it doesn’t meet the standards to be accessible in your country. The App Developer may not be doing staged roll out so all users cannot access the apps at once.

Well, it is not a big issue. For the beginners, different secondary marketplaces can be used to access all such apps. The diversity and huge user base of Android ecosystem provide several places to try Android Apps. Sometimes these alternatives provide premium apps without paying anything, which you would get in paid version on Google Play. To enable app installation from third party resources, just go to Settings tab, go through the Security and enable Unknown Sources.

Google Play Store Alternatives-

If you have been using Google Play store for a while now, you may have definitely heard about Aptoide as you can get more paid apps for free than other sources like AppBrain.

Aptoide Marketplace

It provides innovative user interface both on the app and website. Even though the authenticity of paid apps is doubtful because most of these apps are loaded with ads, it beats all other Google Play alternatives on visuals. The best part is that the app has been designed as per Google standard and experience is almost as nice as play store itself. You will be greeted with a welcome screen on installation so you can get up and running with the functionality of the app. The categories and tabs seem like a visual overhaul of the store. The app provides updates and detects installed apps when available. By far, it is the full-fledged Google Play alternative. Download Aptoide apk.

Amazon App Store-

When it comes to popularity, it is second to Google Play store and the primary store on Fire Phone and Kindles. To use it, you have to download apk and no interface is there for it. Apps are categorized into several sections in order to enhance the ability to discover. Amazon offers one paid app for free every day which is another icing on the cake. After installation, it will display a screen where you can sign in through email. The interface looks familiar to the early iterations of Google Play store. The installation and download processes are quite standard for the user when it comes to migrating from Play Store.


AppBrain is yet another one-stop destination to get premium apps for free. The developers make apps free for a limited period here, and AppBrain publicizes it. It offers both app and the website to access its catalog for the users.

It has been designed by considering the fact that user should have total control on what app is doing. If you wish to track your installed apps, it offers updates and works a little differently.